Many people are very passionate about their pets, they are part of your family. But can you really go overboard? The answer is yes, very easily.

Example #1 -Take this cat bed that we just got. I love this thing, a bed in the shape of a cat ! Hilarious, and our cat Jasmine loves it. Cats can be very particular about where they sleep and this has been a home-run she loves it.

We have it on top of her scratching post, so she can sleep and the dog can't reach her, so she can slumber in peace. Yes we have a little dog.




Example #2-Our dog Lucy is a 11 pound Shih tzu, and this is an actual down jacket that we got for her....hood and all. Ha ha, yes clothing for dog's. It is super cute, but she does not like to wear it or any clothes for that matter, so we just have it for the heck of it.

Obviously a majority of silly things we get for our pets are more for the enjoyment of the humans, and in our case we get a good chuckle. With food, treats, and toys it can be a big expense, but, If you keep things in check you can have happy healthy pets who can be spoiled on occasion.