Rihanna reached out to her "Navy"  to pick her next single from her album 'Loud'.  The 'S&M' singer went to her 3.7 million followers on Twitter to help her make the decision.She tweet:

QUESTION EXISTING: I'm shootin a new vid in a cpl wks, I just need u to tell me, which song should I shoot? What is my next single? (sic)

One fan suggested 'Skin', she tweeted back:

that's my s**t too, but its hard to go from s+m to SKIN! Don't wanna be 2 swiney.

She got a ton of responses, but it seems she still had problems making up her mind.

K so its lookin like Man Down, CKB, Fadin, Cheers! But this was the EXACT problem I had b4, I can't choose between these 4 songs! Helllp!!!