"We Ride" from 2006 is Rihanna in a different light.  It's Rihanna before we saw a different side of her thanks to Twitter and Instagram, before her infamous relationship with Chris Brown, and before she got her break on the big screen in "Battleship."  "We Ride" is a much more innocent 18 year old Rihanna.

Rihanna explained the reasoning behind "We Ride" being chosen as the third single from the album in an interview with Corey Moss of MTV. The singer stated that instead of asking her record label and management which song should be released after "Unfaithful", Rihanna looked on iTunes to see which was her most downloaded song after the albums lead single "SOS" and "Unfaithful" and stated that "We Ride" was the third most popular, saying "Out of all my songs available for sale on iTunes, [We Ride was] the third most downloaded, behind 'SOS' and 'Unfaithful,' ... It's having good feedback, so I'm gonna give fans what they want."