It pays to have friends in high places. Just ask Rita Ora, whose mentor, Jay-Z, personally introduced her to radio stations — and got her a ton of airplay.

Billboard reports that Ora and Hova’s visits to Z100 and KTU in New York City sparked the stations to play her track without any actual campaign from her label. Since then, Ora’s label, Roc Nation, has been full speed ahead in marketing the ‘Party and Bulls—’ singer.

“Z100 definitely raised the exposure level tenfold, which puts everything into the fast lane,” Roc Nation publicist Jana Fleishman told Billboard. “We were in go mode before; now, we’re speeding. I think Jay just knew it was the right time and how strong the music is, how it’s such a perfect fit for the station.”

This is the first time Jay-Z has been this hands on with an artist since he broke Rihanna in 2005, leading many to speculate that Ora is a replacement and warning against Rihanna’s recent behavior and rumored reunion with Chris Brown.

However, it’s not just Jigga’s stamp of approval that won over radio in Ora’s favor. It’s also Ora’s raw talent and seamless blending into the Top 40. “[Jay] putting his seal of approval on something has meant a lot over the years,” Z100 programming director Sharon Dastur said. “But we heard other songs in addition to that where we were like, ‘This girl is going to be a superstar. There’s actually something there and we want to be in on it from the ground floor.’”

“No one can predict the future,” Dastur added, “but for the song to be world-premiered on Z100 in New York City, the No. 1 market in the country, it got a lot of attention from all sorts of media outlets.”

It’s a safe bet that Ora’s association with the ‘Glory‘ rapper played a role in her upcoming opening stint for Coldplay as well. Jay-Z and frontman Chris Martin are longtime pals.

In any case, we’re just happy to hear Ora’s music — her voice and funky style are going to take her far. If connections help her do that, by all means!

Watch Jay-Z and Rita Ora Visit Z100 in New York City