*SPOILER ALERT*  If you have not seen this yet, you may want to stop reading...if not continue.

I am a huge fan of the Comedy Central Roast shows, but I have to give this episode a big fat thumbs down. I love Charlie Sheen, even in all his craziness, but the people they picked for the panel were horrible, and not funny.

The highlight was Mike Tyson, he seemed so nervous, and was constantly interjecting his own comments through out the show. But, in all fairness he is not supposed to be  funny, he is a boxer! Charlie Sheen was a great sport and laughed off most of the jokes,  and here comes the Big Spoiler---The best part of the whole show was at the end when Steve-O from Jack- Ass fame ran and dove into Mike Tyson's fist, and Broke His Nose. Wow who got roasted here again?