Oh Christina! Why didn't you just do this on Sunday?

I admit, unless the Vikings are in the Superbowl (which I have yet to see in my lifetime) the main reason I watch is for the performers during the National Anthem and Half-Time, and the commercials.

I cringed for Christina after she messed up the words...and tried to over-do what has been done before. Sad to say, but she failed. Pretty bad. (Sorry if you're reading this Christina!) I had to take a look back at past performances of the National Anthem during the Superbowl to see what she had to follow. Here are my favorites:

#5 Jennifer Hudson-I never watched American Idol the season she was ousted too early, but I enjoy her singing on the new Weight Watchers commercials.

#4 Jordin Sparks-Another American Idol Alum, but I was more of a Blake Lewis fan. No offense Jordin, but until you can beatbox like Blake you'll be #2 in my book. However, she did a great job with the National Anthem!

#3 Beyonce-Well, because she's Beyonce.

#2 Whitney Houston-Said to be the BEST of all National Anthems at any Superbowl. At least, according to Wikipedia.

#1 Mariah Carey-It was a toss up for me between Whitney and Mariah, but I have to give my #1 Best National Anthem vote to Mariah because she hits the high note like no other.

So with my list complete, who is your favorite National Anthem singer?