One of the growing trends at the Minnesota State Fair is craft beer and specialty drinks, today we get to see what's new for 2017! 

Some of the new items on the list include Duluth's own Bent Paddle with their Kanū Session Pale Ale, which, according to them, "is a pale ale is reinforced with a boatload of brilliant Mosaic hops for a tropical, fruity hop bump."

Another new drink that caught my eye is the Cotton Candy Bubble Trouble, the fair says it has "Real State Fair Cotton Candy in a champagne flute that is doused with Cannon River Winery’s Sparkle Edelweiss for a special “smoke & mirrors” effect that is effervescent, sweet and snappy."

Some of the other new drinks include the East Lake Brewery Kirby Pucker, Dill Pickle Beer, Grapefruit Ode IPA, Raspberry Hard Cider, Red, Light and Blu Frozen Beer and more, see the complete list in the photos below. Cheers!