Selena Gomez needs to 'Slow Down' and look where she is going -- literally.

The singer was performing her hit song of the same name at her Stars Dance concert in Fairfax, Va., when she tripped. Gomez stumbled thanks to a ledge on the stage and went down on her rear. The fall happened mid-song.

Before you get all "OMG, is she okay?" about it, remember this is Sel. She is a pro, and she rebounded like one. She resumed dancing like nothing had happened.

Sel took the tumble at the 3:27 mark of this video. The majority of the footage captured the high-energy nature of the concert and found the singer dancing in her glittery gold stage outfit and black boots, surrounded by dancers. Good times were being had on the stage and by the fans, as Sel shook her booty.

Gomez was jumping up and down and surrounded by falling confetti when she tripped on the raised stair, landing on her rump. Oopsie daisy.

A few fans reached up to help her, as did a security dude/stage hand, since that's his job.

Sel immediately resumed her choreography routine, and was blasted by a confetti machine, never missing a beat.

She's quite a pro, that Selena Gomez.