Selena Gomez’s Cosmopolitan cover is upon us and she is pretty in pink, from her shiny and sheer lip gloss to low-cut and form-fitting hot pink outfit to her rosy, spring-ready glow.

Sel sure has reason to bloom on the mag’s March cover, since she enjoyed an awesome 2011. Two of her singles went platinum. Her relationship with Justin Bieber was revealed, as cameras followed the in love and super cute teen couple to awards shows and vacations. She is making movies with regularity and stepping outside of her teen-friendly comfort zone. She is also one of the most beautiful teens working today.

But it wasn’t always so, well, rosy for Gomez, who has is described as both “sophisticated” and “emotionally intelligent” in this piece.

While the cover feature is largely a history lesson, some key deets about Gomez’s upbringing emerge. For example, she recalled her mother’s car running out of gas multiple times on the way to school as a kid, which forced her and her mom to dig under the seats for change to fuel up.

Gomez also speaks about her relationship with fellow Disney teen queen Demi Lovato. When they were making their way in Hollywood, they lived together to share expenses. Gomez said that while she and Lovato  eventually grew apart, since “there was a point where she and I were going different ways, because we were finding out who were,” things are in a good place now. She finished, “Now we’re better than ever.”

Gomez opens up a little about her relationship with The Biebs, saying that she loves to love to the fullest and to be a normal teen who hangs out and watch movies. She says that she is lucky to have found someone who likes to do the same and shares her philosophy. They really are an amazing couple, aren’t they?