Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is calling on the Window Covering Manufacturers Association to update their child safety standards.

The Senator has sent a letter to the WCMA and asked them to take a look and update the voluntary standard, which hasn't been "updated since 2012 and does not reflect recent changes in technology and the window covering marketplace."

Between 1996 to 2012, 184 children were strangled to death by a window cord and close to 1,600 were severely injured according to Consumer Product Safety Commission data.

The letter requests a response from the organization by the end of June and goes on to say that, "consumers deserve to know that the products they use in their homes are safe for all members of their family. We urge you to use the current voluntary standard revision process to meaningfully advance the safety of window coverings and provide the protections families and children deserve. Please let us know when you anticipate the new voluntary standard to be completed and how you plan to comprehensively eliminate all hazards posed to infants and children by dangerous window covering cords."