A 6-year old boy that calls himself  Albert from Miami stars in a disturbing rap music video for his song "Booty Pop", while the song is terrible and the lyrics childish, what really makes this video distributing is the very obvious sexual tone.

The video is littered with half naked, trashy looking....well you  know, I don't need to say it, shaking their butts in the face of a 6-YEAR OLD BOY! And to make things even a little more uncomfortable, during a couple of the scenes Albert is seen shooting a water canon at said half naked trash in a very suggestive matter.

I'm guessing all this was done by some parents trying to make a quick buck exploiting their kid online, in the videos description it describes Albert as "No stranger to the spot light this kid has "swag"." The kid has "swag", great, just what a 6-year old needs.

This kind on stuff makes me so angry, and apprantly I'm not alone, here is what other YouTube users are saying:

"This is garbage. These flat booty heifers need to be taken to jail for pedophilia and his stupid parents need to be tossed in jail. This boy should be taken into child protective services." - Hitomiaka

"Yep, the Mayans were right. The world is definitely coming to an end. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? What parent would let their kid do this, and what kind of trashy whores would shake their asses in a 6 year old's face? Somebody should call HRS." - slider2699

"This kid can barely talk properly and is talking about making a booty pop? B___h please! Go back to school and learn something. This new generation is killing me" - superkrystal98