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Let's Find a Forever Home for Miss Kitty at Animal Allies
For many animals they can become sick or an infection can run rampant and immediate medical action needs to be taken. That is the case for Miss Kitty who was admitted with a horrible eye infection, but the staff at Animal Allies took the necessary steps to make sure she would survive and thrive !
Sampling Kemps' 'Purple Power' Milk
After a strong 2017 regular season, the Minnesota Vikings are being celebrated by Kemps with a special purple milk available for a limited time. We got our hands on some and gave it a try.
Come Celebrate Georgie the Sloths Birthday at Lake Superior Zoo
I am a huge fan of sloth's and every time I go to Lake Superior Zoo I make a point of stopping in and seeing Georgie the two toed sloth. She is usually sleeping or just hanging out, which Is why I am pretty convinced the sloth is my Spirit Animal.
Jeanne Ryan Reviews the My Pillow
I am a complete sucker for buying things that I see on TV and so far my track record has been pretty bad. But after this latest purchase I think things might be turning around.