I have been trying to deal with a persistent dry cough for almost a week right now and it is making me bonkers. I have bought and tried almost every over the counter medicine known to man and nothing has worked completely, so I did some research.

Of all the articles I have found this one seemed to cover the most ground on WikiHow I had heard of many of these before but one that was really interesting to me and a recurring theme was:

1.) Honey. I love honey so I am for sure going to try this when I get home. they recommend around 2 teaspoons before bed. BUT OF COURSE NEVER GIVE HONEY TO CHILDREN UNDER 1 Y.O.

2.) Moisture: Steam shower or humidifiers

3.) Powdered Jello- poured into warm water and drink it....Sounds gross :(

4.) Vicks Vapo rub- On chest and neck, but my new favorite is the bottoms of your feet before bed and then leave socks on.


Summer has to come at some point, so meanwhile stay warm and take care of yourself.