Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Ball world tour is launching on Friday (April 27), and she’s knee deep in rehearsals for the extravaganza. Snippets of her practicing songs from the show have landed online. They are short but indicate what headspace the Mother Monster is in.

The first show will be the most important, so she’s working her butt off!

An image of the castle-like stage has popped up again. We applaud Gaga’s crew for assembling and disassembling and/or moving that thing every night! It’s an abode fit for the queen of pop music.

You can hear a snippet of ‘Fashion of His Love’ and of ‘Government Hooker’ below, so you know those tunes made the set list.

The snips are also proof that Gaga never stops working and will die before she puts on a sub-par show for her little monsters.

We’re bummed for the South Korean monster contingent under the age of 18 who are forbidden from taking in the show. Boo!

Listen to ‘Fashion of His Love’

Listen to ‘Government Hooker’