During today's snowstorm, a strange-looking substance was found on the surface of the water in the Duluth Harbor. At a glance, the scene in this video is strange. The water in the harbor is strangely glossy and smooth, despite the rolling waves coming up the canal from a churning Lake Superior. Looking closer, a brown algae-like substance is also found floating in the water.

What is it? It looks like any number of things. Algae, churned up used toilet paper (ala sewage), or some other unknown scum are among the first things that might come to mind.

Looking at it more closely, the substance is slushy snow that has been compacted into floating blobs. The slushy, wet snow (which could have been washed in off the Canal Park pier or elsewhere on the Lake Superior shoreline) is loosely-packed chunks that easily break up when a rock is thrown into it. Kind of weird looking though, isn't it?