For anyone who has skied or gone snowboarding, the first challenge when you start out is actually being able to get up the hill. This poor guy is having a heck of time staying on the T-bar and may never make it.

This video brings me back to the first time I ever went skiing, I was 8 years old and was with my older sister. We started out on a small hill and they had a tow rope, well she did not tell me to let it slide through my hands and gradually grab on to it. So needless to say I flipped over into a snow bank and almost dislocated my shoulder. Nice!

She proceeded to take off without me as I brushed myself off and tried it again. Once my parents caught wind of that deal, they enrolled me in Ski School the next day. So, I have empathy for this poor kid, but once he finally gets going I am sure he was relieved to get away from the girl filming him on her phone.