As wide receiver Donald Driver's contract comes to an end with the Green Bay Packers, speculation and rumors started popping up that the Vikings may be looking to bring him to Minnesota. Added to rumors of crossing the border are whispers of retirement for the 38 year old wideout. Will Driver join another team like the Vikings, or will he retire?

This morning (January 31), on ESPN 560 with Mike & Mike in the Morning in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, Driver announced that he plans to retire instead of looking for a new contract. The announcement comes just a day after FOX 11 in Green Bay was reporting that the Vikings had expressed interest in adding Driver to the a roster badly needing wide receivers.

While the Vikings are in need of a pair of sure hands on offense, the news of Minnesota targeting a player who will turn 38 on February 2 is a little confusing after the team's front office made the decision to go young with most of its roster last offseason.

In Driver's announcement this morning, he said he plans to make an official announcement at a press event in Green Bay next week. Even though Driver clearly stated his plans to "put the cleats on the shelf", he did also mention that he still feels like he as two or three more years of football in him. While this statement feels like he is leaving the door open for an opportunity if the right contract and team come along, he did reiterate a few times he is sure of his decision and plans to confirm that next week. In the meantime, memories of Brett Favre retiring and un-retiring, then re-retiring faintly come to mind.

Jamie Squire, Getty Images