A dog that is assumed to be a stray, patiently waited at a bus stop in DeKalb County Georgia with a group of High School kids, and when the door opened he barreled his way onto the bus.

Once he got inside he hopped into a seat and sat patiently just like one of the students. Of course this caused a bit if an issue in that with nobody knowing who this dog belonged to or it's temperament, the safety of the kids was a top priority. Unfortunately too, this breed of dogs has a reputation but as everybody should know, it is not the breed it is the owner that  determines the behavior.

The bus driver tried to coax the dog out with a cookie with no luck, but one of the neighbors tossed some left overs in a bowl and that did the trick to get him off the bus. The dog ran off and has been possibly been sighted by a few people in the neighborhood. For more information on this bizarre story Click Here