In this day and age when kids seem to be growing up pretty fast this statistic is not surprising to me at all. Of course each girl is different, and their reason for wearing it also varies.

For parents of teen girls here are some possibly staggering statistics for you: 17 % of the girls surveyed refuse to leave the house with out makeup. 45% touch up their make up during the day and 63% of 12-14 year old girls go to bed with make up on.

Our daughter has dabbled in using makeup since she was around 10 years old, even though back then she was more just goofing around and we would make her take it off when we would leave the house. But over the years she has realized less is more, and now at 13, she mostly just wears eye make up.

For many parents I think the main worry is how adult like some girls look when they wear make up and might make them feels sad that she is growing up so fast? Or they are worried that looking this way may send out the wrong message of just how old they really are? Whatever the case may be, this regards more the healthy skin aspect and how teens need to be educated properly about it.

The video below gives a quick tutorial on what is necessary to keep your skin looking healthy, while pushing their own product of course, :) but it gives girls some insight into how to start caring for their skin at a young age.