As selfies become a more and more dominant part of communication, especially among young people, where selfies are being taken is becoming more of an issue. In Wisconsin, it is illegal to use cell phones or recording devices to capture video or images inside locker rooms (Wisconsin Statute 175.22-D). While that law is on the books and schools like Superior School District have codes of conduct in place about locker rooms and cell phones, is reporting multiple incidents of images from within locker rooms being online.

The report cites 58 different photos of students taken in locker rooms that were found on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and brought to Superior School District administrators. None of the photos that were inappropriate in nature, but the location in which they were taken is the issue at hand.

The story goes on to explain that administrators considered detention for punishment of those involved, but ultimately used the incidents as a learning opportunity for the students.

This incident does raise a great point of considering where you're snapping selfies, even if your intentions are innocent. Where you're taking the photo, or who might be in the background might be cause for something greater than a few negative comments on social media.

With that said; whether you're a student athlete excited to share a pregame or postgame moment, or just some random person wanting to share your awesome hair day in a selfie, be aware your location to avoid issues. Obviously bathrooms and locker rooms are a general no-no, but some government buildings and businesses have rules or laws in place about capturing photos and videos as well. So the next time you're snapping that selfie, unless you're in public, think twice about whether or not where you are could get you in trouble.