A handful of Superior School District buildings including Superior Middle School and Superior High School were on lockdown this afternoon, following a threat that was reportedly made by a parent. According to a post from the district's Facebook page, the "hold and secure" condition for SHS, SMS, Bryant, Great Lakes and the Administration Office was put in place following a non-specific threat made by a parent toward a staff member. The "hold and secure" was put in place to allow activities within the buildings to proceed, but to create a high level of alert regarding individuals attempting to enter the building.

Police arrived at the school around 11:30 this morning, and officers remained on the scene until giving an all-clear shortly after 2 pm. Students will be dismissed at their usual dismissal times and allowed to leave the building as usual. Police have the parent in custody that made the threat toward the staff member, and no weapons were ever involved at any point.

The Superior Middle School is also a polling location for today's Wisconsin elections, and reports state that voting was impacted for a time. The polls continue to be open at the middle school for the remainder of the day.

According to our news partners at WDIO, the parent in question is a 38 year old man that sent threatening text messages to an employee of the school district. He was arrested around 1:30 pm today, and could face disorderly conduct charges.