We've made it to the final game as the juggernaut Superior Spartans look to take down the hard working Cloquet Lumberjacks to see which school has the best team name. 

The Spartans have annihilated every opponent so far, but just squeaked by the Wrenshall Wrens.  They crushed the Wrens' Cinderella story hopes by 51% of the vote. Do the Spartans have what it takes to be crowned the best team name in the area?

The hard working Lumberjacks have showed the community coming together and really making an effort in this tournament. Like the Spartans, the Lumberjacks barely squeaked by in the final four game by 51% of the vote. Will the community come together once again and take down the Spartans?

Share with all of your classmates and vote below on which school should be crowned the best team name in the area. You can vote once per hour and voting closes on Tuesday June 21st at noon. Make sure you show your school pride and we'll see which school will be crowned the champion next week.