In round one of which high school has the best team name has put the Superior Spartans against the Moose Lake Willow River Rebels. 

Superior Spartans: There used to be two high schools in Superior, East and Central. They were consolidated in 1965 when Superior Senior High School was built. The students got to pick the team name and thus the Spartans were born.

Moose Lake Willow River Rebels: In 1983 Willow River had to find a new football program and they turned to Moose Lake for a cooperative sports program that has been going strong for over 30 years. But they had to decide on a new team name. Moose Lake dropped the Lakers and Willow River dropped Wildcats. Former Willow River coach Bob Paulson said it was up to the kids to decide and they became the Rebels.

Share with all your classmates and vote below on which school should move on to the next round and get that much closer to be crowned the best team name in the area. Voting is open until Wednesday at noon. Show your school pride!

*UPDATE - After the Rebels jumped out to an early lead, the Spartans rallied and made a last-minute comeback to win by 61% of the vote. Congrats to the Spartans for moving on to the next round and being that much closer to being crowned the best team name in the area.

Nick Coopr - TSM Duluth