'Iceman' Roger Hanson is on Barkers Island once again this year, attempting to create a world-record ice structure for the second year in a row. Following uncooperative weather and a premature collapse last year, Hanson is making another run at things this winter.

Weather conditions have been warmer and windier than desired once again this year, and Hanson's project met a "minor setback" overnight as it collapsed. You can see the video of the collapse below.

Hanson was hired by the City of Superior to construct the ice structure as a centerpiece of winter activities on Barkers Island last winter, and once again this winter. The Superior Telegram reports the details of his three-year contract, getting paid $30,000 for last year's efforts, $45,000 this year, and $60,000 for the third year (winter of 2016-2017).