The Superior BID (Business Improvement District) has done a great job keeping us posted on the North Tower Avenue Construction.  I know construction can be a pain in the rear, but imagine how great Tower Avenue will look once the work is completed!  And just a reminder--the businesses on North Tower are open during construction!

From their Facebook page, Superior BID has listed the work completed since their last update:

  • Contractor completed connecting temporary water services to buildings between 4th and 6th street. Contractor connected to the existing main and installed new water valves on 6th street and 7th street so the existing water-main could be shutoff and installation of the new water-main along Tower Avenue began between 4th street and 6th street.
  • Sidewalk along the west side of Tower Avenue between 4th Street and 6th street has been removed in conjunction with the installation of the water-main and is closed to pedestrian traffic.

Anticipated work schedule for the week of May 6th, 2013:

  • Contractor will continue with water main construction along Tower Ave between 4th and 6th Street.
  • A second crew is scheduled to begin construction of the Sanitary Sewer on Monday beginning north of 4th street and working south.