Getting around road construction is just a part of summer we learn to live with.  As Autumn closes in, the roads will open back up!  Just in time for the snow to fly.  Here are a few road closure and road construction updates to help you better navigate our beautiful Superior, Wisconsin!

North 28th Street ~

Between Catlin and Hill Avenues

Reopening Friday, August 10, or Monday, August 13

As of August 9, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Public Works Department anticipates North 28th Street between Catlin and Hill Avenues will reopen Friday, August 10, or Monday, August 13.


Mortorelli Drive ~

Catlin Avenue to Belknap Street

Mortorelli Drive is closed at its intersection with North 21st Street due to repairs to flood-damaged underground steam lines running between the Halbert Heating Plant and the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus. The drive is open to WITC from its intersection with Belknap.


Upcoming Construction:

2013 - Spring to Fall

Tower Avenue/WI 35

Complete Reconstruction

Belknap Street to

North Third Street