Music has been a big part of the driving experience since the dawn of in-car radio systems. While everyone has a favorite "driving song" or maybe even a driving playlist, what are the most popular (and least popular) songs to drive to?

A survey conducted by asked 2,000 drivers in the United States over the age of 18 (with age and gender distribution reflective of current US Census data) what their favorite and least favorite songs while driving were.

The study found some general themes, and also provided data for the best and worst driving songs playlists I've compiled in this blog. Guilty pleasure songs were a common theme in the study; with men citing Adele and 2Pac as their top write-in guilty pleasure, and women counting Eminem and gospel music in their shameful pleasures.

Top 15 Worst Driving Songs

(Listed in order from least worst to the absolute worst song at the end of the list)

The list of worst driving songs kicks off at #15 with Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and chugs along to a song everyone loves to hate, "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men topping the list. I'll say this much: I agree that most of these songs are awful. I do have to stand up for my boys Hall & Oates, however. While "Maneater" may not be the best road trip jam ever, you can't beat Daryl & John.

Top 20 Best Driving Songs

(Listed in order from least popular to the absolute most popular song at the end of the list)

We begin our best driving songs with The Clash, and have a lot of cliche driving and car songs laced along the way. Not necessarily bad songs...just a little too predictable for me if I were to come up with my own list. Topping the list is a song that everyone (except Tony Hart, for some reason) loves - a Journey anthem. I don't personally agree that Don't Stop Believin' is the best driving song ever, but it is definitely a classic.

Be sure to check out my personal top 10 driving songs, along with Jeanne Ryan's! Just click the button below to give our lists a listen.