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‘Anger Management’ Casts O.J. Simpson in Recurring Role?
Given all the recent upheaval surrounding FX's Charlie Sheen-centric 'Anger Management,' between Selma Blair's public expulsion and Brian Austin Green's ascension to series regular, the series' last insane casting choice would seem almost plausible. Outlets are reporting that convicted felon and sca…
Lindsay Lohan Tries to Quit ‘Scary Movie 5′
Lindsay Lohan is trying to make a comeback. Part of that comeback is her role in 'Scary Movie 5' where she was set to appear alongside Charlie Sheen. Except Lindsay Lohan just can't stop being Lindsay Lohan and the actress, despite trying to be on her best behavior, disappeared, skipped rehearsals, …
2011: A JibJab Year in Review [VIDEO]
Here's a quick look at some of the events that help us define 2011.
From Charlie Sheen to the big Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak, and Occupying Wall Street to the Tweeting former Representative Anthony Weiner, JibJab covers the big headlines that made 2011 such a memorable year...
Details of Charlie Sheen Comedy Central Roast Leaked
Can’t wait until September 19th to see whether Charlie Sheen‘s winning streak continues at his Comedy Central roast? Then you’re in luck! The Hollywood Reporter recently wrote up highlights from the event, which took place on Saturday night.

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