School Christmas Concerts
'Tis that time of year that kids of all ages don their nice clothes or school choir gown and sing their hearts out to the sounds of the season. I can't help but think to myself the scene from Charlie Brown Christmas Special every time.
Laura’s Scary Santa Experience [PHOTO]
As a child, I can remember being excited about going to see Santa at the mall, sitting on his lap, getting the mini candy cane I would shove in my mouth and pretend they were braces, confirming that I had been a good girl all year, and telling him all of my Christmas present desires.  That was …
Adults Act Out Kid Conversations–HILARIOUS! [VIDEOS]
There's a certain fast food sandwich chain that has my favorite commercials ever.  They feature grown ups acting out conversations voiced by kids.  I actually stop the DVR to watch these commercials, they're that funny.  Well, I have struck Youtube gold with this find.  Adults acting out conversatio…

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