christmas lights

The Laser Christmas Lights Are NOT Cool
One of the hottest trends in exterior illumination is the use of lasers, they are usually little red and green dots projected on a house, sometimes moving, sometimes not, but either way they suck.
Recycle Your Christmas Lights This Holiday Season
The Holidays are behind us and now comes the dreaded task of taking all the decorations down and wrapping up the lights. If you have a string or two that are not working properly, or are frayed and in disrepair don't throw them away, recycle them!
10 Christmas Fails to Get You Through the Holidays
Attention everyone: we now officially have T-minus eight days until Christmas, and preparation time is running out faster than we can shove holiday cookies in our mouths. We still have to buy last-minute presents, dig out those stockings from the back of our closets and make time for that awful offi…
See Santa Skydive into Bentleyville on Saturday!
On Saturday, November 17th at 4:55 PM Santa will arrive at Bentleyville by plane! Santa will be sky diving into Bayfront Festival Park, land next to the 128 foot Christmas tree then scurry to his Santa house in time to greet all the children who come to visit. A special invitation is extended to eve…