How to Help with City of Duluth Green and Clean Events
The City of Duluth has announced a few upcoming Clean and Green events that are open to the community. You can be a part of making Duluth beautiful and cleaner place this spring. If you'd like to volunteer, you are encouraged to show up at any of the events listed below.
3 Basic Things to do After Your Basement Floods
Inches of rain have soaked the Twin Ports and many basements sustained water damage and need to be dried and cleaned, but if you're like me, you may have no idea what to do next. I've scoured the internet and this is the first 3 things I'm going to do, as soon as the rain stops. ...
Gross, We Have Patches Of Mold On Deck!
Even though we did not have much of a winter here in the Northland, now that the blast of snow we did get has melted....Yikes.
We were out on our deck yesterday and I saw some patches of mold growing in various places. Now granted this is not on the inside of our house , but still Ishhh...
Being Crafty and Saving Money: My First Pinterest Project
I've already professed my love for  I spend quite a bit of time on that website.  But it would be wrong if I preached about how wonderful it was without showing you practical applications.  So here is the first (in a series of many) posts where I'll SHOW you h…