Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken Addresses Creepy Clown Threats
In the last few weeks, stories of people posing as menacing clowns and threats from clowns have run rampant online, including a recent vague threat to a series of cities in the Twin Cities area. Because of this, many people have been contacting the Duluth Police worried about our area. Chief Mike Tu…
Shocking Kez Ban American Idol Audition [VIDEO]
Watching American Idol for years, we expect the same formula when it comes to the open auditions of hundreds that hope for the golden ticket to Hollywood.  We have an interview of an interesting person-this one a fire performer and balloon animal maker-and we know where it's going.   …
Jeanne Ryan Got Clowned, Literally!
The Shrine Circus is in town this weekend at Amsoil Arena and is a great adventure for kids of all ages and adults too! We were lucky enough to have a very special guest in the studio, this morning 'WOODY' a Shrine Clown who will be performing this weekend!