cute kids

Cutest Dance Recital Ever! [VIDEO]
Every parent knows what it is like to go to dance recitals, choir/band concerts, school plays etc. You wring your hands hoping your little one does not throw up on the kid next to them or get embarrassed somehow.
My Daughter Does My Makeup [VIDEO]
My daughter's dreams change quite frequently being only three years old. Currently, she wants to be a makeup artist when she's older. She sat down my fiance and then myself and made us both look beautiful.
Cute 2 Year Old Dances Better Than You! [VIDEO]
Ok, this is the second adorable 2 year old I've found video of this week. Does this mean the generation that is still in diapers will all grow up to be superstars? It looks like it. Start grooming your kids now, there is going to be a LOT of competition in the future...