Twin Baby Girls Dance When Dad Plays Guitar [VIDEO]
With an 8 month-old at home I get plenty of cute baby moments everyday, so it's rare that I find cute baby videos interesting these days, as my baby is the cutest so I just have to watch my own videos.
But this video of 8 month-old twins dancing caught my attention, so it has to be good.
Woman Busts Out Dance Moves On Treadmill [VIDEO]
Go  On Girl!  This is unbelievable.....I can barely hop on a treadmill to walk let alone dance! I think she is on to something here....maybe a new workout trend? This could maybe motivate people to get off the couch and see that exercise is fun...
Watch the Evolution of Dance in Over 100 Movies [VIDEO]
Hot on the heels of the awesome movie supercuts 25 Unscripted Scenes and 50 Trippiest Drug Hallucinations comes another epic montage from YouTuber extraordinaire Mewlists. This one covers the evolution of dance in film over the past 89 years. To say stars have stepped it up would be an understatem…
Slow Dance For Teens: A “WTF Is This?” Video
I'm at a loss for words.  Can you imagine that? Ha ha ha...but really.  What in the world was this for?
I was extremely uncomfortable just watching.  I can't imagine how these kids felt!
Oh, and did you happen to see a very famous daytime talk show host dancing with her boyfri…

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