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Ed Sheeran Praises Taylor Swift’s Dry Sense of Humor
Since Ed Sheeran toured with Taylor Swift this summer, they certainly spent a lot of time together (for a while there were even rumors the two were hooking up), so it makes sense he'd know her pretty well by now.
And according to him, she's funny. But not just funny -- British funny.
2013 MuchMusic Video Awards Red Carpet Pictures
Pop stars from around the world busted out their best duds for the red carpet at the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards. Here, you can see of some of your favorite singers, like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran, as they posed for red carpet pictures prior to the 2013 MuchMusic Video Award…
Ed Sheeran Spotted Leaving Selena Gomez’s House [Pics]
That Ed Sheeran gets around.
He hangs out with all the pretty ladies -- like Taylor Swift, his tourmate, 'Everything Has Changed' collaborator and rumored GF. He's now made the rounds to T. Swizzle's bestie Selena Gomez. Wait, what? Selena? What the heck was the ginger k…

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