Nightclub Fire Kills Hundreds in Brazil
The death toll in a horrific nightclub fire in Brazil as risen to 232, according to news sources. This number is updated from the original count of 245 first reported by local news sources.
A fire started at the Boate Kiss nightclub around 2 AM in the southern city of Santa Maria...
Dangers of Relighting Your Gas Grill [VIDEO]
ESPN Reporter Hannah Storm recently suffered a horrific injury sustaining second and third degree burns on her face and arms after re-lighting her gas grill. For anyone with this type of grill you need to be informed of a hidden danger!
Skater + Videocamera + Gas + Fire = Dummy on YouTube [VIDEO]
This video has all the ingredients of either an untimely death or a great YouTube video, thankfully for the douche bag involved it's just a great YouTube video.  This group of skaters thought it would be awesome idea to light some gas on fire and skate through it, well that plan was going …
Duluth Police Make Arrest in Lester Park Playground Fire
The Duluth police department announced today that they have arrested a group of juveniles in connection to the October 1st fire at Lester Park Elementary School playground.  The suspects remain unnamed because they are minors, but they will be charged with "Felony Negligent Fire Arson …
Bystanders Rescue Motorcyclist Trapped Under a Burning Car [VIDEO]
Here is a must see video of some incredible bystanders coming to the rescue of a motorcyclist that was trapped under a burning car after an accident in Salt Lake City.
At least 10 people can be seen lifting the car before one man manages to grab the trapped mans leg, pulling him to safety.
‘Twilight’ Hotel Damaged in Fire [VIDEO]
According to a local Fox affiliate, a three-alarm fire on Sunday severely damaged Oregon's historic View Point Inn, better known to Twihards as the location of the famous 'Twilight' prom scene.
Reports say the fire was initially spotted by two 'Twilight' movie fans, who were there to catch a piece of…