Northland Flood 2012: How You Can Help
It's a dire situation that many Northlanders have often thought, "that could never happen here."  I know I've seen complete devastation on the the news and said that.  We're not on a flood plain.  We expect to hear about Grand Forks and Fargo getting h…
Tips for Using Bleach While Cleaning Up After the Flood
Contaminated water is always a major concern when cleaning up after flooding. The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District has acknowledged that sewer systems in the Twin Ports did overflow, making flood waters unsanitary in many cases. The Minnesota Department of Health offers the following tips for…
Exclusive Panoramic View of the Flooding at Superior High School
The area around Superior High School and the school itself sustained damage so severe that inches of standing water remained hours after the rain had stopped. The full extent of the damage done to the school is not clear yet.
Check out our exclusive interactive panoramic view of the flooding

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