The List:5 Reasons Why We Should Worry About An Ape Revolution
I have never seen the original Planet Of The Apes nor do I have any interest in seeing this interpretation. However with the movie out today. One may ponder the question "What If?"  Being 7 to 10 times stronger than a human of comparable weight, having 4 hands, and even their …
Kid in Banana Suit Attacks Gorilla Mascot in Ohio [VIDEO]
This certainly isn't the way nature intended it.
A teenager who may or may not still be wearing a banana suit is at large after an unprovoked assault on the gorilla mascot that a Verizon Wireless Center in Strongsville, Ohio employs to promote its store.
Breakdancing Gorilla at The Calgary Zoo [VIDEO]
Apparently gorillas like to back that thang up just as much as humans do. When this male gorilla isn’t out lounging in his habitat at The Calgary Zoo, there’s nothing he likes more than do a couple of spins in the water room and shake what his mama gave him. Talk abou…