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2013 Grammy Performance + Show Pictures
Tonight (Feb. 10) in Los Angeles, stars gathered at the Staples Center for the 2013 Grammy Awards. As you can see from these performance pictures and show pictures from the 2013 Grammys, it was a night of mingling, laughs, remembrance and of course, great, great music.
Why Does The Music Industry Continue to Cheer Chris Brown?
Maybe I need to get over it, but I jut can't seem to forget about what Chris Brown did to Rihanna, I feel dirty and wrong watching him on TV or even playing his records on the radio, I DO NOT want to support anything this douche bag does.
And what really get's me mad is that the music industry contin…
Grammy Prediction, Adele Will Clean House
Where do I even start with how much I adore Adele? You know an artist is pretty powerful when the minute you hear a few seconds of a song, you have to sit down for fear of passing out from the fierceness. O.K. a little dramatic but that is the power of Ms...

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