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Jeanne and Cooper’s Idiots in the News
Every weekday morning at 7:15 am, Cooper and Jeanne recap the biggest idiots in the news from around the country live on MIX 108. Hear it live on the air or streaming online (here) or catch the audio anytime, anywhere! If you missed a show or you want to hear your favorites again, we have them all h…
Idiots In The News 4-22-11
Friday editions of "Idiots in the News" rarely disappoint.  Here are a few highlights of today's idiots.
1.  An 8-year-old girl in Pensacola, Florida gave her teacher some marijuana she took from her mom.
The girl took some weed out of her pocket and gave it to her ele…
Idiots In the News 4-21-11
In case you missed "Idiots in the News" this morning, or if you've had a bad day at work and need a good laugh, here are a few highlights from today's segment on the morning show.
1.  Two buddies in New York City thought it'd be fun to see if they could hail a ca…
Idiots In The News 4-14-11
Here are my top 3 picks for "Idiots in the News" today:
1.  A woman in St. Paul, Minnesota has been collecting used Band-Aids for 10 years.
She uses them in her "mandala" wall hangings.
AND..... She prefers Band-Aids with traces of blood and other fluids on them…
Idiots In The News 4-13-11
Every morning I like to cover the "Idiots in the News."  Well, here are a three great stories from our idiots today:
1.  An employee at an alcohol distributor in Pennsylvania called police after the scanner read the customer as 54 feet tall, instead of 5 feet 4 inches...