jeanne and cooper

Jeanne and Cooper Visit the Farm – Episode 2 [VIDEO]
Jeanne and I paid a visit to the farm of one of our coworkers over the weekend, giving us the chance to help out with chores. In the second installment of Jeanne and Cooper visiting the farm, Jeanne gets to milk a cow, something she has never done before.
Jeanne and Cooper Unveil Intern Ian’s New Name [VIDEO]
Jeanne and I asked you to submit names for our intern, Ian; and you didn't disappoint. After sorting through several awesome suggestions, we narrowed it down to five nicknames, and asked you to vote. Following a hugely successful voting campaign, we're proud to announce we have a winning n…
Help Nickname The New MIX 108 Intern
We're happy to welcome a new face to the MIX 108 family! Meet Ian, our friendly intern fella. He will be helping with various on-air and online things around the station. The only problem is that we need a good nickname for him!

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