Dog Wants a Kitten [VIDEO]
Everyone who owns a pet is convinced that their dog or cat understands them, and we all wait for a reaction  of some kind. But, If they talked back to us how awesome would that be?
Playing Kittens Turn on Vaccum, Run Scared [VIDEO]
In this case, curiosity didn't kill the cat, but scared a life out of him that's for sure.  A group of kittens are playing on a vacuum when one of the curious kittens turns on the vacuum which sends the rest of the kittens running for their lives.
Kitten vs. Printer, Guess Who Wins? [VIDEO]
I'm not really a "cat person", but I do enjoy me some cute kittens from time to time, especially when that cute kitten is in the battle of his short life against what appeared to be a nice place to take a nap, guess not, huh kitty? See who wins this battle after the jump.
Jedi Kittens [VIDEO]
Everyone is always shocked when I admit I have NEVER seen an entire Star Wars movie start to finish. (Sorry Tony.) If all the Star Wars movies were re-made with kittens, I would totally watch.