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2013 MTV Video Music Awards Best + Worst Dressed
The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards are a place for artists to take risks and show off their fiercest style. Unfortunately, sometimes style can be so fierce that it, well, bites. Check out the best and worst dressed ladies of the evening below...
Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ Dropping October 8
Miley Cyrus is clearly excited about her upcoming album and, she's making sure everyone knows about it.
'Bangerz' is being released Oct. 8, she just announced today (Aug. 15) via Twitter:
Miley had been teasing the release date in several prior tweets:
Just received the official release date of #BANGER…
Did Miley Cyrus Almost Ditch Her Last Name?
Miley Cyrus – she's all about change. Almost a year ago to the day, she chopped off her hair into a punk pixie in effort to convince us of her cred. Now, she's dancing and getting all smoldering in rap videos and twerking her face off. She 'can't stop' ditching that Disney image – you know that whic…

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