miley cyrus

Did Miley Cyrus Almost Ditch Her Last Name?
Miley Cyrus – she's all about change. Almost a year ago to the day, she chopped off her hair into a punk pixie in effort to convince us of her cred. Now, she's dancing and getting all smoldering in rap videos and twerking her face off. She 'can't stop' ditching that Disney image – you know that whic…
Demi Lovato Tells Miley Cyrus to ‘Be Careful’
Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus go way back. The roots of their friendship are deep.
While Cyrus is twerking, espousing her love for green stuff and partying hard, her pal Lovato walks the straight and narrow, since she has to, given the potential triggers and the personal / physical issues she has endur…

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