What Was Your First Email?
The other day I heard a funny email address and I was reminded of my first email which I made when I was 14 and sounded cool at the time.
Ian Redmond: From Intern to Staff
After months of doing whatever crazy and silly things Jeanne and Cooper told me to do as an intern, I finally got my chance to shine as the newest member of the MIX108 staff!
Who Are They? Ten Famous Voices and Who They Really Belong To
Whether welcoming us to our favorite TV or radio show, telling us about a new product, or even reminding us to dial '1' before the area code; we hear familiar, famous voices all the time in the media. Have you ever stepped back and wondered who some of these people are? Here ar...
I Love Peeps
In case you missed it this morning, I put myself to the challenge to see how many peeps i could shove in my mouth at one time.  Umm yeah thank goodness i bought 2 packages ....32 peeps in all. The grand total was 6. It was a lot tougher then I thought...