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Can You Name All the Internet Fads In This Vitamin Water Ad?
Vitamin Water is certainly embracing the internet in their latest ad. In the spot, a man leaves his apartment to go search for their sweet, vitamin-enriched product. He is barely off his stoop when he’s confronted by a sexy sax man. (Who is unfortunately not playing the solo from ‘Careless Whisper.’…
Planking Squirrel Chills on the Porch [VIDEO]
Many internet commentators have called "planking" dead after Playboy Hugh Hefner offered his own planking picture. Since then, the hunt for the latest internet craze has been on, including things like "horsemanning" and "owling."
Horsemaning – The New New Planking?
Last week we predicted that octogenarian Hugh Hefner’s embrace of planking would spell the end to the craze. Spinoff fads owling and leisure diving have failed to eclipse it, but could something called horsemaning be poised to rise up from planking‘s ashes?
Owling, The New Internet Craze
Attention all Plankers....Planking is sooo over, so If you are flexible and have good balance here is the new craze.  Owling! Who thinks of this stuff? This has spread world wide....and is the new phenomenon. I am not a good Owling candidate,  since I am one of the most un-flexible people …