North Shore

Check Out This Incredible North Shore Mansion That’s For Sale
Driving MN Highway 61 near Silver Bay, you'll pass a modest driveway that leads into the trees toward Lake Superior. Driving by, you wouldn't think much of it. There are several of them along 61. At the end of this particular driveway, however, is a gem of a house that looks like it b…
The 7 Best Waterfalls Up The North Shore
We are so lucky in the Twin Ports to have such beautiful areas besides Lake Superior to see waterfalls and beautiful forest trails, but their are quite a few gems up the North Shore that you might want to check out as well.
5 Best Day Road Trips From The Duluth Superior Area This Summer
Sometimes you want (or need) a vacation, but it isn't always easy to find time to leave town for more than a day. Here are the five best getaways from the Twin Ports to get out on the open road, crank up some tunes, and recharge your batteries while still being able to be back in your own bed t…

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