Is This Baby Doing A Keg Stand?
If you've ever been to a major college football game, you know what to expect: RVs of drunken alumni, liquored-up coeds and babies doing keg stands. Wait…WHAT? Well, apparently that's the way some fans roll at Arizona State University.
Christina Aguilera Shares Photos From Album Shoot
Christina Aguilera shared some images from her new album photo shoot. While she only posted shots of the wardrobe and accessories that she had to choose from, along with a teaser of one of her heavily made up and fake lashed eyes (to the left), it’s still exciting because it means ne…
Justin Bieber’s Birthday Celebration Photos Revealed
Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday in several big ways. He was showered with gifts on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show, receiving a car, hanging out with a superfan and chilling backstage with Sophia Grace and Rosie. His father even had his initials inked on his side!
Despite those very public presen…
‘Tis The Season To Get Scared
I love this time of year, whether it is scary movies on T.V., all the decorations people put out, and of course all the great attractions we have in the area. William A. Irvin Haunted Ship, The Haunted Shack, and Terror Twister Alpine Coaster at Spirit Mountain just to name a few...
New Photo Leak Reveals Miley Cyrus in Lingerie [IMAGE]
While buzz around the recent leak of hacked photos from celebrities' phones continues, another risque picture of a celebrity surfaces on the web. Is a photo of a scantily-clad Miley Cyrus in a provocative pose while looking at her phone the latest effort from phone hackers?

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