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Adele On 60 Minutes, Confident In Her Body And Her Image
Before her major sweep at the Grammy's last night (see my prediction here )  http://mix108.com/grammy-prediction-adele-will-clean-house/
Adele did an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes, and talked about everything from her stage fright to her throat surgery...
Top 10 Cheesiest Music Videos of the 90’s
The 1980's brought music videos into the world, but the 1990s is when music videos exploded into pop culture. With the hundreds of memorable videos that were released through the 90s, these are ten of the cheesiest and goofiest videos that come to mind. Son
Debbie Gibson Vs. Tiffany: Who Still Has It?
Two of my top 3 childhood idols ended up on The View together this week.  (Where were you Paula?)
And they cleared up a few misconceptions we all had (ok, just the 80's children...most others don't really care) about the rivalry between the two pop icons of the 1980's, and what happened to take them …