Science Confirms Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends”
Harry was right!  Sally, not so much.  Science has confirmed that there is almost always an attraction between male and female friends-- and the most common result is dissatisfaction with current romantic partners.
The lead researcher of a study believes that platonic relationships are a relatively n…
Women Make Noise During Sex to Get You to Hurry Up
Studies show that most women make noise (and lots of it) when engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s not because they’re nearing orgasm. Those loud moans are more of an effort to make you feel good about yourself and the size of your package and because she wants you to…
The Less a Man Sleeps, The Worse His Sex Life Is
Some guys are looking to score and some may be looking to snore.
Researchers from the University of Chicago have conducted a study of 10 guys in their 20s that found the less sleep a man gets, the worse his sex life is.