Jeanne Ryans D.I.Y. Wasp Trap [VIDEO]
We all know the running joke of the other Minnesota state bird is the mosquito, which are bad enough, but the quickest way to ruin any outdoor activity is wasps! Take a stand and eliminate the problem.
Duluth Parks and Recreation Summer Activities for Kids
Before you even hear "I'm bored" this summer (or maybe you already have--yikes!) get the kids out and active before they're sitting in desks again come September.  The Duluth Parks and Recreation Department has plenty of opportunities
Summer Turf Time at the Heritage Sports Center
This is an…
10 Slip N’ Slide Fails to Avoid This Summer
We understand this is a very difficult question, but what’s the best part about summer? Barbeques are great and so are poolside shenanigans, but nothing compares to the greatest warm weather invention in all the lands—the Slip N’ Slide.
Duluth / Superior Free Activities For Kids This Summer
Parents! Do you really want to hear "I'm so bored" from your kids for the next three months? Summer is fast approaching and if you have kids who will be out of school chances are you're already thinking of ways to keep them busy and away from technology. Maybe not COMPLETELY away, but i…

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